The Year of Pink

As their color of 2011 Pantone chose Honeysuckle pink.  I will admit that I have never been crazy for pink, I’m just not one of those girls who has always had to buy everything in pink.  However, this color has really grown on me in the past few months as it has continually popped up in bright, bold hues, which I find highly preferable to the traditional pastel pink from childhood.  Pink is youthful and fun and more saturated hues can have the same high energy as red without being too aggressive.  Pink is the perfect way to add a little feminine chic feel to your wardrobe or interior. I suppose we could all use a little pink in our lives this Spring!


via House Beautiful

A feminine chic foyer with bright pink walls. The black and white accents contrast beautifully.


JCrew Spring 2011

Go bold with pink from head to toe!



via Home Sweet Home

Great contrast in this interior. The modern, industrial architecture is offset with a traditional crystal chandelier and the pops of pink add color to an otherwise all-white interior.


via Kate Spade Tumblr

Just the right amount of color pop!


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