London Calling

I have always loved anything British inspired. From traditional antiques and royal style to 60s Mod, the rich British history provides me with constant inspiration.

via Theodore Alexander

This image comes from the archives of Tatler, a famous British magazine.

Jimmie Martin

Love Jimmie Martin’s bold, hand painted furniture.

British Fashion Icon Twiggy

A future DIY project perhaps? Could be a great way to spruce up an old dresser.

Keep Calm and Carry On poster (1939)

This originally came from a poster issued by the British government in 1939 (the beginning of WWII).  It has recently been popping up everywhere in a modern design context.

Burberry (my dream coat)

Hunter Boots

You can’t go wrong with classic British fashion from Burberry and Hunter.


And of course my own British-inspired designs (available at


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2 responses to “London Calling

  1. john ross

    Great post. Love the “Keep Calm” poster. Where can I get one?
    How about that on a pillow?

    • Charlotte

      they have them on etsy, a lot of sellers are posting them recently. or you can have annie screen print you one.

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