New Etsy Items: Jute Tote Bags

Just arrived in my Etsy shop, natural just tote bags.  Go green, while maintaining your sense of style, with these reusable, large 100% natural jute fiber tote bag with sturdy reinforced handles. Bag has a reinforced outer jute lining and is plastic lined for easy cleaning. These bags are perfect for a trip to the market or beach!

Customized Monogram Tote Bag

Customized Number Tote Bag

In honor of the upcoming royal wedding, King and Queen silhouette tote bags. These bags make a great wedding gift! Available as a pair or individually.

King and Queen Silhouette Tote Bag

Queen Silhouette Jute Tote Bag

King Silhouette Jute Tote Bag

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One response to “New Etsy Items: Jute Tote Bags

  1. john ross

    LOOK GOOD. THE A AND THE 2 are nice.

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